Beaver Access - Door automation solutions

Door Automation

Beaver AccessAssisted door operators - conforming to the DDA these provide assistance when opening a door, and are able to provide incredible degrees of flexibility of operation when integrated into our access control solution, such as, our system recognising a disabled user and instructing the assisted door opener to operate and remain open until the user has safely entered through the door, whereas for an abled bodied user their card only unlocks the door and re-locks quickly to prevent tail gating. Of course our assisted door operators can be installed purely as a stand alone device.

Automatic door operators - We are able to supply and install face fix, underfloor, or in head concealed types, operators with break out functiionality, high or low energy systems, electrical or compressor operation, suitable for timber, aluminium, steel, glass, and PVCu construction, including internal and external doors, and gates. As with the assisted low energy types these of course can be integrated into our access control solution, bringing a greater degree of security and flexibility to your premises.