Beaver Access - Electronic locking solutions

Electronic locking

Beaver AccessQuality - To us, it makes no sense at all in designing and installing a security system that includes an inferior locking device, both are interdependent and rely on the other. At Beaver Access we source all of our poducts from trusted manufacturers, for instance our electromagnetic locks contain a patented instant release circuit with no residual magnetism, are fully tamper and weather proof, actually have in a real life situation the advertised holding force, and for our customer's and our peace of mind a life time warranty.

A wide range of locking solutions - Having the ability to provide an electromagnetic lock for virtually any situation, enables us to incorporate into your security system not only your internal and external doors, but also such areas as gates, lifts, barriers, automatic doors, retail display cabinets, museum cases, cash drawers, jewellery cases, interlock systems.

Locking range

  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Electromechanical locks
  • Electric strikes
  • Shear Locks
  • Electronic gate locks
  • Solenoid bolts
  • Electric locking systems
  • Electromagnetic cabinet locks
  • Solenoid cabinet locks