Beaver Access - Mechanical digital locking solutions

Mechanical digital locking

Beaver AccessQuality and Range - Like electronic locking, there are huge number of mechanical digital locking devices on the market, with varying degrees of quality, functionality, and feature sets.

Internal, and external types, hold back, types capable of driving internal devices such as panic hardware, numeric keys or alpha numeric giving a greater number of combinations, keys made of plated brass or stainless steel which gives greater protection against code detection, knob set or lever handles, key overide, low or high security, light or heavy duty.

Security - Mechanical digital locking solutions fall into the "what you know" catagory, in essence this means that the code number set to open the door can be easily passed to another person, compromising your buildings security, you can however help by changing the security code regularly, making sure that the digital lock that you buy is the type where the code number can only be entered in the correct order (this stops people looking for the worn/shiny buttons and entering the code in any order to open the door) and obviously making sure that you have the right mechanical digital lock