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Salto Systems

Beaver AccessThe Salto Virtual Network (SVN) is a truly unique concept, unlike traditional systems where the database of users is held in the handle set where adding/changing/deleting a user's access rights or collecting audit trails always required a trip to the door, the Salto handle sets communicate with the computer using the keycards as data transporters, this includes personal audit trails, battery status reports and carrying a cancelled keycard list which is transferred to each lock that the user visits. The system is "transparent" to the user as the wall readers double as "hotspots" updating keycard access privileges and uploading the user audit trail and battery status report to the central database. The concept has in fact redefined true access control performance for battery powered locks at just a fraction of the cost of a traditional access control system.

True flexibility being lock case independant the Salto System allows for the fitting of its units to virtually any type of lock including multipoint types, this gives incredible advantages over a traditional system, as it really is a case of simply taking off a mechanical handle set and refitting the Salto unit, making it ideal for refurbishment and new build, and because of its narrow profile it will also fit onto aluminium, PVCu, timber, steel, and glass doors

A wde range of carrier technology So often we are asked the same questions such as "I already have 5000 of these cards, can I still use them with your system?" or " We want to use your cards for cashless vending is that possible?" Because Salto can use practically any type of popular 13.56 MHz proximity cards such as Mifare 1K, 4K, and Desfire, HID iClass, Inside Pico Pass, and NFC and also smart chip and Dallas iButton, it allows our customers to make a decision based on their own criteria and needs.

The complete access control platform not only do Salto manufacture their handle sets and wall readers but for complete security integration there are electronic cylinders, locker locks, and smart energy management units both off and on line all operated by the same keycards